The Beginning

It all begins with an idea of how you would like to transform your space,.  Ask yourself these helpful questions:

  • How will this transformation enhance my lifestyle?
  • What is my budget for this project?
  • Am I willing to commit the time to see the project through?

Thorough planning of a project can save both time and money.  Changing a project once it has begun is both time consuming and expensive.  Be sure to have a clear picture of what you would like and how this change will impact the way you live.

Gettysburg Addition After.jpg

The Analysis

When you call SRR about a project, we begin with an analysis.  This means we spend time at your location, evaluate the work site, take measurements and photos and do whatever we must to have a thorough understanding of your goal  Because of our experience, we are able to pick up on things other contractors may miss.

The analysis is more than just listening to what you would like and scribbling notes.  It goes much deeper than that.  We take the time to listen and ask questions, evaluating factors such as electric and plumbing.  This allows us to provide you with a solid strategy of the equipment, materials and labor involved.

The Scope & Estimate

One of the unique things about SRR is our project scope and proposal process.  Many time, contractors provide estimates that would seemingly save you money, then charge the customers for things they've missed.  An estimate is simply that. 

 Many times, contractors provide estimates that are simply guesses scribbled on a sheet of paper.  They are often off, sometimes way off.  When the job is underway, suddenly the client is asked for more money because of something the contractor missed.

Our proposals, on the other hand, show you that we've done the work up front.  We take the time to get as much information as we can so the price we provide is as accurate as possible.  While no one can know what lay hidden within a wall or ceiling, our proposal can help protect you from unforeseen expenses.  Because our proposals are so involved and time consuming, we require a nominal deposit on the project, which would be refunded to you on your final invoice. 


The Agreement

Once we have an estimate completed, we sit down with you to go over all of the details.  The more you understand, the better the process works.  Unlike most construction agreements that can be just scribbled on a piece of paper, at Solid Rock, we provide you with a complete picture of the job and what we will be doing.  This includes all of the pricing and a strategy to move forward.

The Final Step:  Enjoyment

Solid Rock Remodeling will help to make sure you do not lose sight of the bigger picture.  It does not matter if we are expanding, adding or remodeling a room in your home; what matters is how it will impact your family.  Transforming the space to fit your lifestyle and bringing life to your home is what we do.