The Interior

Solid Rock provides a wide variety of interior remodeling.  These can range from kitchen and bathrooms to basements and family rooms.  Our passion is transforming your space into something that will improve your life.  At Solid Rock, we take care of everything.  Once we have a plan in motion, we will take care of everything from electrical to painting.  Because we do such a thorough analysis and estimate, there are rarely surprises.  Sometimes, after we remove a wall or ceiling, other issues may come to light that was outside of our control.  

One of the things that make Solid Rock unique is that we take the time to listen and ask questions.  We want to know how you will use the space.  This allows us to bring in our expertise and experience to work for you.  Often times, we make a suggestion that hasn't previously been considered or offer a simple solution to a more challenging problem.  Tapping into our expertise allows us to get a clear picture of what you would like and provide you with an honest estimate of what it will take to accomplish it.


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