The Exterior

When people think of remodeling, they often think about what is happening inside of their home.  The truth, however, is often times things can be done to the exterior of people's home that can create a stunning affect.  This can include everything from adding a garage to creating a sunroom.  The only limitations are your imagination and the property size and legal guidelines.

At Solid Rock, our team does the complete job.  If we add a sun room, as an example, we take care of the roofing and siding needs.  Everything is done by our experienced team of professionals so you can rest easy that the job is done right.  Even after the job is complete, we stand behind our work so you can always count on us being there.

At Solid Rock, we want to save you money.  Whether it is an area such as diagnosing and repairing water leaks and infiltration to doing an energy retrofit, we are your source for knowledge and expertise.  Tightening up and adding insulation can make your home more comfortable as well as save you money.


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